Impact On Immigration

The impact on immigration – where is it going to lead Canada to?

Mass Immigration without Approval of The People of Canada

How is it that the image of a lifeless child on a European beach in 2015 – which translated into a Liberal political platform accepting 25.000 refugees, MUSHROOMED into the Cdn. Gov’t accepting 200,000 refugees between 2017 and 2020, with overall immigration totaling 1 million?   How does this fit into your Canada?

Thursday November 2, 2017 Liberal Immigration Announcement:

Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said that by 2036 100 per cent of Canada’s population growth will be as a result of immigration, it stands at about 75 per cent today. (CBC)

Did you vote for this??    Were you consulted?

Let us look at what is ACTUALLY behind this announcement:    A deal between George Soros and PM Justin Trudeau!

A private conversation in Davos Switzerland in 2015…

Did we elect George Soros?    Actually, who is the guy George Soros?

Hungarian born Jewish American, whose father during WW2, arranged for false papers to be created to state George Soros was Christian, and then who, at age 15 with complete indifference to his heritage, assisted the Nazi’s confiscate Jewish people’s wealth…  He later schooled in the UK and immigrated to America and built a ruthless, no consciousness based, financial empire that continues to raise havoc across the globe.

Want Proof ?

In George Soros own words, on 60 Minutes :

And again here… the BIGGER PICTURE TRUTH of George Soros:

A relevant commentary on George Soros – the first part of the Colbert Report:

And by virtue of the JUSTIN TRUDEAU / GEORGE SOROS alliance noted above…  YES, this can and IS happening NOW, here in our beloved land, known as Canada!

A private conversation…

Are you beginning to wonder about this guy?  About the Real Impact of Immigration on our Canada?

What is even more concerning and SCARY is that Soros’s Open Society Foundation and other high profile foundations have been allegedly linked to the funding of real terrorists globally.  What?   Our PM allegedly working with terror linked groups?   Uhm….

And we only need to look to the last line of the following link to have CONFIRMATION that Soros is funding this immigration movement in CANADA:

Immigration Minister John McCallum on Canada’s new refugee initiative with the UN and George Soros:

Want to know what Soros’s home country Hungary thinks?

Not good.  The current Hungarian President is doing his best to BAN all George Soros related activity in Hungary.  Here is what the The Prime Minister of Hungary, Orban, has stated:

“Soros’ organizations were still working on bringing hundreds of thousands of migrants into Europe, contrary to the wishes of Hungarians and their government.”   

Why should Canada be transacting with Soros when his home country is attempting to BAN all of his influence and, there is so much linking Soros meddling in other countries affairs?    Something to think about, eh?

By the way… were you consulted?     Did you even know this was occurring behind the scenes?

The US Congress is investigating Soros as well:

Here are some further questions we have for you:

  • Did you vote for 1 million refugees / immigrants to come into Canada over the next 3 years…   especially considering huge question marks surrounding the vast Soros machine??
  • What are we really experiencing in Canada?    Whose agenda is it?
  • How is it good for Canada?   If it is good, where is the proof?   If it is not good, do we have the power to change it?        (Click Consequences Series: No Representation confirming, in FACT, we do not have the power to change it, at least as The System currently stands…)
  • Did you vote for Soros to influence Trudeau to bring such a vast number of immigrants WITHOUT consulting The People of Canada?
  • Did you vote for a 3rd party such as George Soros to INFLUENCE our Canadian way of LIFE?
  • Why is Canada providing non-Canadians financial advantages when many vital services to the Canadian People that built this country are being axed?
  • Have we been so politically corrected to roll over and say, yes, bring it on!   But then… the current narrative Canada has been educated to say is…  yes, we must help… this must be done…  we must allow an overabundance of people into Canada to be “good” Canadians?   Without really knowing and understanding the true way of life and values of these people?
  • Where is the truly independent study that demonstrates Canada needs 1 million new people over 3 years to foster our way of life?

These are some of the MANY questions we ask.    Are you asking questions?


Remember, as The Canadian System now stands, The People of Canada have NO recourse, NO legal way to demand the altering of what is going on in Ottawa or our Provincial capitals, once the politicians are elected.   All we can do, is boot out the party after 4 years!   

Shocked by this statement?   Then Click  Consequences Series: No Representation for evidence of this Fact.

What do you truly feel and think about all this?

Yet the SOLUTION is now here!

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3 Replies to “Impact On Immigration”

  1. My apologies Wes for the late reply. We are regular people with full time jobs and have been preoccupied with our jobs. The film has not been made yet and we are working to raise the funds to create it. We are looking to have it made before 2019 ends. Thanks for your interest.

  2. … my first time here ~ interested in following & contributing in the small ways that I can } Much appreciation for your genuine efforts at disclosure, enforcing truths to be openly revealed too * I am a senior Canadian lady, survivor from 2-stage 4 cancers and still very open minded to see what’s going on around this humanity’s transitional transcendence processes… processing } Best regards… Francine Levesque Picton, Ont.

  3. While we as Canadians currently have no say on immigration it appears, that Canada is in terminal demographic decline and that might be a rationale that the governing parties are following for massive immigration.

    The current fertility rate for Canada in 2022 is 1.492 births per woman. You need at least 2.1 to stay even. If Canadians want to have a pension and other entitlements it only stands to reason that there must be more workers than retired people. Currently, only three people of working age are supporting each senior citizen.

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