No Representation

No Representation! That’s what we have. Canadians actually have No True Representation, once politicians are elected.

After reading this, you will see yet another example of why it is vitally important to contribute to the making of the documentary film, “The Myth is Canada”.

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What is the Documentary About?

Fundamentally, the documentary is empowering and educational.  It will demonstrate, with evidence, not only HOW we arrived to where we are at today, it will also outline the SOLUTION to gaining, what we know of as Canada, to work FOR The People of Canada – NOT for the politicians, NOT for the corporate entities that fund the politicians.  To Work For The People of Canada.

This documentary is not about politics.   It is not about any particular political party, as it matters not which political party is in Ottawa or any provincial capital or any municipality.

The documentary is about The System that we, The People of Canada, have inherited to date.   It is about educating each of us of the current status, and then, educating each of us how we can change / replace The System for Canada to work for us, The People of Canada.  It is about The System.

Why is the Documentary Important to Make?

In truth, until we, as a People, actually fully comprehend, that no elected person has any legal responsibility to honor and/or comply with the desires of:

  1. any individual person in Canada
  2. any and all people in their riding,
  3. their province
  4. their country…

the direction of Canada will be completely at the whims of the politicians.

And, how do you rate the scorecard of politicians?   Are you happy with what is going on in our beloved country called Canada?

Did you actually know that the people we elect to represent us in govt have NO legal responsibility to represent and present our wishes or demands into govt proceedings?

True, none at all – as evidenced in this Alberta court case, The People vs J. Wilton Littlechild, MP.   Please read it.  It is short.

In it, the Judge states:

“I know of no legal duty on an elected representative at any level of government to consult his constituents or determine their view.  While such an obligation may generally be considered, there is no legal requirement.” 

The Judge further states:

“… it appears to me that the only remedy existing for the Plaintiffs (the voter) is the remedy provided by our Constitution in the right to vote in a future election.”

You may disbelieve it, but it is real.   You may be shocked or disturbed, particularly after you truly reflect on the implications of this court ruling.   But it does not change the facts of the case:

The person(s) you/we elect do not have responsibility to you/us.   The persons we elect do have self interest responsibility to their party (otherwise they risk being kicked out or replaced by another candidate in the next election – we have seen that where politicians go against the party line…) and often, have responsibility to the corporate entities that funded their campaign.

But responsibility to us, The People of Canada?  None.

And as noted in another of the Consequence Series, even the Prime Minister designate, upon being sworn in as Prime Minister of Canada…  swears allegiance to the Queen, NOT to the People of Canada… but solely to the Queen!

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What is the true impact of this?

Until and unless The System changes, no matter what you or I or we may do or want to do to make Canada better, NOTHING will make a lasting impact.      And, of course, once elected the politicians can run amuk – as outlined on this webpage .     And please… do not get hung up on this piece relating to the Harper government – it matters NOT which party, ALL parties  do it!

Now you may have gained insight into why…   how emails, conversations, activities (yours or others) presented to an elected politician, regardless of party affiliation, often get brushed aside, ignored, talked down to…

This is not a political issue at hand, it is an issue of The System.

The documentary film, The Myth is Canada will outline, with evidence, how this came to be AND, will outline a simple Solution to correct it.

What Can You Do to Help?

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And you can share this page with friends.  It may become the most important action you could ever do!

What is Our Goal?

Our goal at Nephalem Films, the producer of “The Myth is Canada”, is first, to produce the documentary and secondly, to bicycle it to towns and cities across Canada to educate ALL The People of Canada, respectfully, peacefully.

To produce the documentary, we are reaching out to you and all The People of Canada  – hopefully to create inspiration within you – to help us reach our funding goal so this vitally important, ground-breaking, impactful and historic documentary may be produced.  Again, the Canadian way…

We truly thank you for your time in reviewing this page and look forward to hearing from you!

The Team

Nephalem Films Ltd

Producers of “The Myth is Canada”

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6 Replies to “No Representation”

  1. When will this documentary be released? We needed it like yesterday!! Something has got to happen before WW3 is started!

  2. Hi Tara, we are hoping to have this film made before the end of 2019. We have been preoccupied with our full time jobs while we have been also working to raise the funds to make it. We should have some updates in the near future. And sorry for the late reply to your post. 🙁

  3. How close are we to getting the funding for the documentary and have we considered a Go Fund Me for it?

    We need to get this documentary out to the people before Trudeau spends what little is left of our money.

    Have we got ideas in place for a new Government? We can’t abolish this one without another otherwise we create a vacuum.

    Kudos for finding this anomaly!!! Let’s take our country back!!!!

    1. Unfortunately Kate, the funds did not come in anywhere near the target (by are own faults and the fact that so many people are being mislead with so many other issues – smoke and mirrors). We have moved on in a new direction but that still does not mean the film will not be made – when the people want it, we will bring it. As for the new direction, we are focusing on the movement – which is educating people about our history and waking the masses up to free us from the lies that have enslaved us. Follow us on the social media links on this site.


  4. I agree Canada has no representation after elections. It is way past time for this corrupt practice to end. If it is either a declaration of individual independence, or a class action event of all provinces deciding to become a republic. I think it would be preferable to get each province to obtain individual Republic status then amalgamate into a system or republics within a republic. This would be best attained by cooperating with all provinces as things progress so that uniformity would occur in order to maintain symmetry. I am hoping you are doing this. Ken

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