Cashless Society = Dismal Future

A cashless society equals a bleak outlook for the future.

Corporate fascism depends on it.

Here is a two minute clip from the The Economists boosting of its benefits. There were 97 comments at the time of posting this and about 95% gave a very negative response. The out bound link for the video and it’s comment section is


Although this next video speaks of Federal Income Tax as if it were “lawful” (you can’t tax a man), the rest of the information provides a lot of insight on what a cashless society will present to us in the future.


Ultimately, in the end, it’s all about freedom. If the corporate elite control our nation’s currencies digitally, every move you make financially leads a trail. Corporate fascism will rule and if they want to find you, they’ll know where you are. Is that freedom?

This is an import subject. Feel free to comment and leave out bound links to related matters. 

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