Please, before you take our survey, let us know a little demographics and indicate your gender and location. Thanks for taking the survey.
1. Laws exist so that “We The People”, through our elected representatives, clearly and systematically govern our society. Law is the means by which the people express and exercise their sovereignty. Disobedience to law is disobedience to the will of the people, it is the subverting of their sovereignty and franchise. Is this what law is in Canada?
2. If a politician lies to his/her constituents to get elected here in Canada, is he/she held to account for the lie?
3. Do Federal or Provincial Politicians have term limits here in Canada?
4. Are there limits on political contributions that corporations or individuals can give to Federal or Provincial politicians for their election campaigns?
5. Should people or corporations that participate in welfare programs offered by the Federal or Provincial governments be allowed to participate in elections by voting?
6. Should people or corporations that participate in welfare programs offered by the Federal or Provincial governments be allowed to participate in elections by contributing to the politician’s election campaign?
7. Did Canada confederate?
8. Does Canada have a constitution?
9. Is Canada a sovereign nation?
10. Does the Canadian Federal Government have the authority to enforce an Income Tax on the people of provinces?
11. Does voting matter here in Canada?
12. When it comes to natural rights, are we as the individual, the master?
13. When you buy a house or car in the provinces, are you the owner in fact?
14. Should a government be constituted to protect the unalienable/natural rights of the individual?
15. Have you heard of Walter Kuhl, a federal politician from Alberta?
16. Have you read Walter Kuhl’s 1976 letter written to Rene Leveques?
17. Is Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom the Queen of Canada?
18. Is Canada a Constitutional Monarchy?
19. Do civil servants swear an oath of allegiance to a Monarch?
20. Is “political correctness” cultural Marxism?
21. Are you familiar with the British North America Act?
22. Have you heard of the Statute of Westminster, 1931?
23. Do you know the 3 elements of Sovereignty?
24. Would you like to be part of the creation of a country?
25. Do you believe that it is possible to create a country today?
26. Do you believe a culture known as “Canadian” exists?
27. Do you accept, like Justine Trudeau believes, that Canadians do not have a national identity?
28. Do “Canadians” have private property rights?
29. Is “Canada” a democracy?
30. “A government of the masses. Authority derived through mass meeting or any other form of "direct expression." Results in mobocracy. Attitude toward property is communistic — negating private property rights. Attitude of the law is that the will of the majority shall regulate, whether it be based upon deliberation or governed by passion, prejudice, and impulse, without restraint or regard to consequences. Results in demagogism, license, agitation, discontent, chaos.” Is this “Democracy”?
31. Do you know what the “de facto doctrine” is?
32. Are these Rights or Privileges:
Minimum wage?
Health care?
A job?
Old age pension?
33. Is global warming real?
34. Is CO2 a poisonous gas?
35. Do you know the difference between species and non-species money?
36. Is the Bank of Canada owned by “We The People”?
37. Do you know what self-ownership is?
38. Do you believe “Voluntary Servitude” should remain legal?
39. In both the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Bill of Rights a similar line reads that “…the nation of Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law.” Are these principles actually still recognized in our courts today?
40. Does a man/woman's natural rights have superiority over any or all legislative statutes?
41. Is Common Law still available in “Canada”?
42. "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Is Canada on the verge - politically - of this being a reality?
43. Do our courts recognize our unalienable rights?
44. Do you know what Unalienable Rights are?
45. Are all men/women created equally?
46. Are all men/women treated by our courts equally?
47. Do our courts recognize people as Man/Woman?
48. Do you know what a Maxim of Law is?
49. Have you seen the documentary film Inside Job” (2010)?
50. Does the Canadian Broadcast Corporation have an image of integrity in regards to really keeping the public educated about what really is going on in Canada?

71 Replies to “Survey”

  1. Very much enjoyed the Liquid Lunch interview. Please send me via email the Mr. Smith ‘Oh Canada’ pdf and the Defacto Doctrine Treatise of 1909 for my library, it would be very much appreciated. BS sold as education in this world has to end.

    Being that holly wood wands control mass education today, your movie should be well received by a public in dire need. Direct communication regarding the essential, yet curiously missing from most ‘educated’ ‘Canadians’ information you are providing, seems to cause ‘deer in the headlights’ syndrome, whenever I try, so, I look forward to your movie; I’ll have more ‘people’ to talk with about what really matters in life, not just who’ll win the Stanley Cup. 😉

    What happens after, is another major concern to those I speak with, when I describe how I plan to remove myself, peacefully, from the so called matrix, by reclaiming my status, standing and capacity. I am not sure if these ideas are covered in your movie; however, I feel that these are concepts that elude the so called 99% and that, if innerstood would greatly help the true people of this land, including the natives, to finally wake up to the truth of how they have voluntarily contracted by their silence, to become indentured slaves to a corporation acting as a de jure government.

    It may take time for real change to occur, but what else do we really have? When all children are taught the esoteric knowledge of those hidden behind the imax rendered curtain of the wizard of oz, words like defacto, constructive trust and unilateral contracts, etc., will become as they say ‘common knowledge’. The apocalypse, or the true disclosure of knowledge, is upon us, so that day is near. People are at least starting to question what they believe to be true.

    Please do not take offense, but for me, some of your survey questions were a bit confusing (perhaps that was your intent, so please forgive me). For example, number 5. I innerstand that most ‘people’ don’t know the difference, but to me ‘people’ and ‘corporations’ are completely different entities, the latter having no force or effect on the former (double entendre intended) and are therefore exclusive. So, if you’re asking if corporations be allowed to vote, I say no. Of course, corporations in their charter can at this time demand certain political doctrines to be adhered to by it’s employees, to keep their pay check, but that is another rabbit hole for another day.

    I am still studying, so it is welcoming to see those with true knowledge, being passionate enough to share it. Keep up the ‘good’ work.

    1. Great point,I agree. This site should publish, or show how to remove yourself peacefully from the so called Matrix by reclaiming your status standing and capacity. I’ve watched videos, there is a bit of paperwork involved and there is help with this process. It is definitely well worth it. Wake up the Masses, as we do have a choice!

  2. I can only hope, before too long, that the documentary reaches its completion a d gets thrust into the haze presently blinding the majority of Canadians sleeping.

  3. Great to see this moving ahead ,been following along for three years now hope to see the movie and the constitution conferance’s before I die got my fingers crossed …I have passed this along to many men /women….please do not forget to pass along the tweets and facebook to us who do not use them …thank you for your time, best of luck Pep’e

  4. Canada’s Politicians do not serve the citizens as much as they serve their “advisers”. The Parliamentary System is Flawed.

    1. Most of Canadas politicians do not serve the citizens(correct) as much as they serve their SELF’s. The Current parlimentary system is FRAUD. Would be a little more accurate. Thanks for the template to evolve from.

  5. Democracy is a slippery concept. What many people think is democracy may actually be a representative democracy, a form more likely able to free the population from the travails of mobocracy.

      1. Some of the questions I did not know the context of the asking such as was the question referring to “do we have this now” or “do we have the right to have this” otherwise my answers would have been different. So some questions as ambiguously.

        1. found tha too.we don’t have what we have bn perceived to have from school and false narrative from media.more important would be what we want our country to look like if your here on survey you probably already know Canada is corrupt.

  6. A few questions that I did not compreheind well were answered by my best understanding of the terms in the; Rights or Privileges serie of questions. Of all, it was fun to answer

  7. i don’t fill these out, simply because you have certain words i am against using, mostly the last one, submit… i do not submit to any man or corporation

  8. I think that the context of some of the questions is unknowable, perhaps some rewording of some as yes/no is undetermined.

    Another thing you don’t seem to go into is the fact that the Courts are all Admiralty Courts that are rife with fraud, but also consistent through out the world.

    Unfortunately Christians have no home, it has been stolen from us. But if we did, Israel would be our home as well as all the earth. Genesis 1:26-26 states that we have dominion over all the earth, God has never taken this away from us. Dominion means to Rule. The Dominion of Canada is the Rule of Canada and thus is misleading at best.

    Here is something I wrote you might find interesting.

  9. An interesting survey, although well influenced by the present day philosophy. That is why all the questions were not answered. I’ve read most of C.H.Douglas works, and he did not seem to realize our country was a masquerade organization. Also, W. Guy Carr’s Red fog over America were my initial steps in politics. Came later on: Yallop’s In the Name of God, and Malachi Martin’s Bible about our clergy.
    Our ancestors-dicoverers came to North America to spread the word of Jesus, although some were not Cathos. yet floating Catholic missionaries. Whereas the conquerors after 1759 were acting under the Lords of Trade and Plantations.
    What came along with the British conquerors, their Common Law system, plus their Free Masonry. To some it is a blessing, to others a calamity.
    Our neighbor Republic is epoxied with the Secret Society, from coast to coast, and we’re their setter dog since 1867, a grant of Great Britain. It ain’t a Myth, it is an occult servitude.
    I heard the lady Agostino willing to revert to the Governor General for mending our several Provinces in some kind of Federal System. The GG was declared an impostor in 1942, here in Montreal. Judge Perreault said it mattered not whether it was true, the impeacher had prejudiced the interests of the War Effort. Poor Doreen, the accusation was done in French by R. Smith. (CKB, Case 4446). And our Lady GG is no less an impostor today. I doubt very much the head of the judicial system castrating Canadians since 1867 till today could be potentially fertile to a political union. He would be the apron on the buck goat.
    How can we cast light on such a scheme ?

  10. Please forward any/all correct information regarding these subjects. Very obvious I am ill informed about the facts of Canada.

    Thank you in advance,

  11. Excellent questions
    Some are un-answerable in Canada
    Some are uncertain
    Some are provocative – which is the intention I suppose.

  12. I have been waiting patiently (half a century) for us to WAKE the F*ck uP!!! … just saying.
    I have a little teaser jingle for you, think of this Christmas carol named, “It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas!” while you read and feast on these lines.

    “It’s starting to look a lot like a WaR CrIMe,
    Our turn to strap on the strap on…”
    There is more, just not today … I’ll give you a bit to let that gestate properly.

    Elizabeth Zee
    AKA: TrueNorthernStar

  13. Too many questions are not answerable as they are written here, for example – “Does a man/woman’s natural rights have superiority over any or all legislative statutes?” Do you mean in fact or in practice?

  14. With the “Deepstate” being disassembled and our Gov no doubt being part of that Deepstate, how much of a disassembly can we hope for here in Canada. Would it not be a good thing to take care of that before we attempt to create a new country?

  15. your quiz poses alot of Assumptions, based on the common knowledge from “Public Education. Take your power from being the postmaster. in youtube search :War-Castles

  16. Some of your survey needs some tweaking.
    I would suggest a comment box after each question, this way I/we can explain our answer or add more information.

    1. I have herd ignorance is not much of a defence in court ,,so I need to know what my writes are if any this survey is hard to understand for a uneducated person ,can someone tell me what writes I have

  17. Canada is a “Communist State”. Read the communist manifesto some time. The federal government has NO authority to collect a direct or income tax. They keep brainwashing people to convince them that they DO have the authority or they coerce and intimidate people to pay. The ONLY way this horse shit is going to get corrected is for the people to take they’re power back from the government PARASITES! But 1 huge problem with taking our power back is this. The vast majority of canadians suffer from ignorance and apathy. “I don’t know and I don’t give a shit!!”

    1. We totally agree with you and your quote of the vast majority of Canadians suffering from ignorance and apathy – “I don’t know and I don’t give a shit ! ” Then seeing they don’t care , let them be- TAX THE SHIT OUT OF THEM

  18. If Sovereign Citizen is an oximoron, then shall we address inhabitants of the Sovereign Nation of the Dominion of Canada ( once constitutionally confederated) as One of The People and never reference them as citizens whether of a de jure Canada or the de facto corporate Canada?

  19. Thought common law could still be “invoked” here by what used to be in the articles of confederation. In the notes used to be a line “all offices and officers that existed before the union shall continue to exist as the the union had never been made”
    Was this negated when Harperius amalgamated the constitution with the articles and rep[laced the line with the word “spent”?

  20. Nice to find someone who gives a hoot about our fake-political-situation and future and is willing to get out there.

    I began researching the NAFTA back in 2002 and found Shelly Anne Clark exposing the corruption, but she participated in it and squealing after a car tried to run her down. This is what the world-wide thUg-network does if they can. Trick people into destroying their own country.
    She teamed up with a politician and created the Canadian Action Party. By 2006 I had distributed 1000’s of CDs to mail boxes, under wipers, into university lockers, but then I found out Canada was over-run with the Mystery School Cult that William Cooper exposed:

    I began to accelerate in understanding just how wicked the entire Cult of thUgs really is and what their “Great Work” really is. I renamed their massive, self-righteously murderous secret-nation of thUgs, the “THUGTOPIANS”, because it describes them better… Their thUgtopia is a fake-Utopia built upon any fanatical means possible. They are all decaying in a spiritual sense and thus they have to gang-up upon spiritually stronger individuals that believe in good-will and spiritual-integrity and love of mankind. They despise their human-condition and are tricked into thinking they can murder their way into a type of physical-godhood. This video may be shadow banned, but the link works for me here is another link: YouTube often bans everything I do… they are in with the thUg-network like most “free” stuff, but not all. It is an information war and a big mind-game.

    The reason the Cult can do this is because the brainchips in their heads give them a synthetic telepathy which makes them think they are superior than the “sheep” or “profane infidels” that are not sworn thUgtpians. Its a massive Cult who are in the process of creating their own deity within artificial intelligent super-computer… The Vatican is a leader of the thUgs and they are now preparing to collapse religion and use the brainchip-hivemind to control all of mankind… everywhere.

    I have 17 years of fighting the corruption that these thUgs commit daily from the shadows, and oh ya, believe me when I call them murderous, slandering, pathetic thUgs. If you will not fight for what you believe in, then your oppressor will suppress… study William Cooper and this site to get an immediate feel for your next life-challenges:

    And stop hesitating to learn from Doug’s fantastic efforts here and email me if you want more info on the “Canadian” branch of the world-wide thUg-network. After 15 years of being thUgged by the Cult, I may be able to shed some light for the mysteries of the targeted ones. I even started a help-guide. The thUg-hivemind lives amoungst us for the purpose to oppress all decent, just what the Gestpo did… they are the Canadian Gestapo who still hide in the shadows. Be aware, but never be afraid, since that is what they really prey upon. Be bold in exhibiting your belief for a better world at the top of the hill.

    The world is bizarre when it comes to self-righteous, religious greedy thUgs taking control of your life.

  21. Some of the questions are is not clear if one is being asked what one “Thinks” is the current situation as opposed to what in fact the real Law is but is not commonly known.

    40. Does a man/woman’s natural rights have superiority over any or all legislative statutes? Correct answer is: yes, but it currently does not but it should/could be enforced.

  22. Common law is still available here in Canada, but you have to claim your common law rights , even when dealing with government “officials” and the Courts. By answering to the “All caps” name (JOHN WILLIAM DOE), you become that “person” and are subject to the laws of the corporation known as “Canada”, and the laws of the “Provincial” corporations . You, as a man or woman, are now in their jurisdiction and are only recognized a “person” and are now subject to THEIR laws. You will NEVER find the words “man” or “woman” in any federal or provincial statute….look up any law. For example, the Income Tax Act of Canada only defines the “persons” (Section 248) that are subject to paying income tax. no man or woman there. We are being lied to and robbed of our freedom and our property, and we have unknowingly consented to all of it.

    1. Dead on Don. Claim of Right, Live Birth (authenticated) served at court makes them squirm. Law is their law game played on a court. We are controlled with words. Very unpleasant to play. Court = watch them play, bow, back out the door, Judge sneaks a peek at you to see if you react to the acting. All of them are foreign enemy combatants.

  23. I’m quickly making a comment as I don’t atm trust our current system of gov ,,they have taken my parental ability away , by making me jump through red tape in court to see my kids on a regular basis and have now pulled my drivers licence for past due child support ,I’m not a well educated person and feel like people don’t share my resentment towards the gov for doing this I need help and it seems no one cares ,,I could go on forever there are so manny issues I can’t even get milk from a local farm and give it to my kids ,,essentials to make butter ,,and the river near my house is closed for fishing been like that 3 years now

  24. They have the guns and the Military… we the people don’t… They control the Media… bought and paid for with our tax money. They also control Academia. Thank God for the internet but it’s access is fragile. How did George Washington manage??

    1. I don’t think that you would have to be worried about the Military, there is a thing called an a unlawful order. I believe being a Veteran you would never see us raise our arms up against a fellow Canadian. The senior staff would also have to really think about that order too.

  25. Eternallyaware site with John Spirit is very good for education on the laws of the criminal enterprise known as Canada. They want to take you out of your man or women status & give you one of theirs = driver, hunter, tax payer, resident. As a resident means artificial person, a fiction, a corporation, or a place where a corporation does business. I have a feeling the census is part of the property tax (RENT) operation. When you fill it out you become the place where a corporation does business NOT a man or women. All the crap is the same . Motor vehicle act is only for “person” which means a corporation in the act. That is from the interpretation act (person) in the Motor act. Cops ask for your license & reg to see if you are part of their corporation & their rules. So this will be rectified if we charge these criminals & form our own country (K)(C) anada. I think the military are lining up with the Q team & Trump. THE GREAT AWAKENING WWG1WGA

  26. I was born in the CORPORATION OF LONDON,ON in 1973. I have not seen a birth certificate with the use of lower case like how i was taught in school. Dan Bee. It is laminated with no cusip number on the back. All my other id is upper case. I am just wondering if all my id is derived from my birth certificate is that not straight out fraud on the government of ONTARIO’S part. If so what recourse would i have for all the unjust bullshit all 3 levels of government have put me through.

    1. I’m sure Doug would have a response of his own for you. If you ever watch him on live streams with live chat, you can always ask him. In my opinion it’s more than fraud, it’s outright theft as they are depriving you of your wealth and lively hood. As far as recourse goes, there is none with the current system we have as it is corrupt of course.

      The only avenue is what the The Myth Is Canada movement is offering – waking people up and getting people educated about Canada’s history. We all have to get involved and all we have to do is share the information until the growth hits critical mass. Then construct what is already in the works – a constitution (one to build on) and hold constitutional conventions in each of the provinces.

      As far as recourse/remedy… once we take back what was stolen from us, then we can decide what to do with the criminal elite. In other words, let nature take its course.

  27. Calling JT Justine is childish and lowers your integrity. Also wondering what happened to Galati case regarding the Bank of Canada.

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