Walter Kuhl Letter

Imagine! A politician who addressed Canada’s great dilemma.

The Walter Kuhl Letter walter kuhl letter | canadian politician

The Walter Kuhl letter is one that every Canadian should read – if for one reason only, to “jolt” the reader. Who is Walter Kuhl? Walter Kuhl was a teacher and elected politician to the Canadian House of Commons from 1935 to 1949.

Walter Kuhl wrote this letter in 1976 to Rene Levesque, Premier of Quebec, Leader of the Party Quebecois, when Levesque was stirring Quebec with its referendum for separation. So profound was this letter that Levesque went to Ottawa to meet with Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau to ask Trudeau if the Kuhl Letter was factual.

On a number of occassions, evidenced with all the historic legal documents in hand, Walter brought to other politician’s attention, the fact that Canada was never actually – lawfully – confederated into a sovereign state.

Some of the documents available here represent the evidence of his work: