The Flag of Parley

In the battle for freedom in Canada (The Provinces), the Freedom Convoy to Ottawa emerged from a grassroots movement. With this movement that was heard and then mimiked around the world… was a lost opportunity.

The objection of that movement was for the people of Canada to be heard by the Prime Minister of Canada. There was a problem here as he had no “lawful” obligation to attend a face to face discussion (of course, if he had any honour, he would have).

The people of Canada are at war, yes – at war!, with the federal government and the provincial governments. Even though the mass population is under a state of mass psychosis brought on by mainstream media propaganda (repeating history once again), a large number of the Canadian populace rose to the occasion as they needed something to grab onto.

This was, up to this point, the moment for those who rose to voice their concerns with the evidence of their experiences. The media would have to be there (you would think) if the Prime Minister was. At the very least, the people were armed with their cell phone cameras and video technology. It would be our time.

It didn’t happen.

[One reason was because, believe it or not, the flag of Canada is a corporation (that is another story) and that’s exactly what the government is. “It” is a service corporation with Justin Trudeau as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). So, in “reality”, when he looked outside from the parliament building window, all he saw was the corporate flag and the “employees” who fall “under” him within that corporate structure.]

What could have changed this? Enter the Flag of Parley. We have all seen it in Hollywood movies as the white flag.

The flag of truce? Of surrender?

Kind of,but more to the point, it signifies a time of peace and “discussion”. And… it is the law! Even the Prime Minister, his office and all who follow below must adhere to the law (yea, I know what your thinking). The white flag has long been recognized for 1,000 years. The International Court of Justice at The Hague included it in the Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907. If this law is broken, it is considered a War Crime.

If, when the Truckers had all arrived, they lowered their Canada loving flags and raised white flags for a sign of parley, this would have forced the Prime Minister out to open up a discussion.

Not only this, but if the same horrific events that Ottawa Police executed to end the movement occurred when the white flag was raised, they would have clearly violated this law and this would be grounds for the military to come in and arrest the aggressor.

This was an opportunity missed, but can be learned from for future events. So when you are out there making your Stand For Freedom, regardless of what nation you are in, bring a long the white flag. It may make a huge difference moving forward and at the vary least reveals who these so called leaders really are (as if they haven’t shown us enough already).

For more information on the Flag of Parley you can follow this link…

2 Replies to “The Flag of Parley”

  1. Very interesting all this flag business and the rules and the Law. Of course none of this is taught at schools, which indoctrinate the young to see governments as authority. This is a major problem with becoming a sovereign state; the state is supreme.

    Yes indeed an opportunity missed.

  2. why has this not been a priority in our protests?? It should have been passed on media. I had to find it accidentally.

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