Constitutional Committees

Welcome to Constitutional Committees. You will find on this page most of the information that you will need to structure your communities constitutional committee. Enjoy…

First Reads:

Booklet: Constitutional Committees. (Updated June 17th)


In Addition to…

What you and your community need to do within the first 90 days.

Conclusion Drawn.



Privileges and Rights.

Positive Rights.

United States Bill of Rights.

English Bill of Rights.

Three Reminders from the Bill of Rights.


Forms of Government:

Republic vs Democracy.

Republican form of Government.

What is a Republican Form of Government. *

Guide to Building a Constitution.


Other Constitutions:

The Articles of Confederation.

The United States Constitution.

Weimar Constitution.

Constitution of England.

Russian Constitution. *

Constitution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic. *


Jurisdictions of Law:

Maxims of Equity.

Sovereignty and Dominion

Politics of Obedience. (Replacement coming)

Second Treatise of Government.

Admiralty Law.

Lex Mercatoria.

Legal Positivism vs. Natural Law Theory.

Divine Law, Natural Law, Positive Law.

Woe Unto You, Lawyers.

Corporate Personhood Explained In Simple Terms. *

The Nature of Rights of the Cestui Que Trust. *



Fiat Money in Death Throes.

From Currency Rests to Limiting Infinite Growth.

A Tale of Two Schools.

Architecture for a New World Financial System.

Real Bills and Gold.

Real Bills Revisited.

More Real Bill Fallacies.

Carl Menger and the Sesquicentennial Founding of the Austrian School.

Menger Principles of Economics.

Menger Principles in Economics.


* = Recently added