Cashless Society = Dismal Future

A cashless society equals a bleak outlook for the future. Why aren't we hearing about the other side of the story from mainstream media? Corporate fascism depends on this future. Here is a two minute clip from the The Economists boosting of its benefits. There were 97 comments at the time of posting this and about 95% gave a very negative response. The out bound link for the video and it's...
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No Representation

No Representation! That's what we have. Canadians actually have No True Representation, once politicians are elected. After reading this, you will see yet another example of why it is vitally important to contribute to the making of the documentary film, “The Myth is Canada”. If inspired, click here to donate: What is the Documentary About?...
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Impact On Immigration

The impact on immigration - where is it going to lead Canada to? Mass Immigration without Approval of The People of Canada How is it that the image of a lifeless child on a European beach in 2015 – which translated into a Liberal political platform accepting 25.000 refugees, MUSHROOMED into the Cdn. Gov’t accepting 200,000 refugees between 2017 and 2020, with overall immigration totaling 1...
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