We need to make this happen folks, here is where we are at now with our donations…

There are a number of ways you can donate to help support the making of this project: “The Myth is Canada”…

DONATE directly via eTransfer

Use the email address Email us the answer to your security question for processing the donation.

DONATE directly via PayPal

You can donate directly to us via PayPal and credit cards available through PayPal. Click the Donate image to get you to the PayPal login page and use the following email to send us your donation:

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DONATE via Money Order or Cheque

Another option is to do it by sending a Money Order or a Cheque. Email us at to obtain mailing instructions.

DONATE via Cyptocurrencies

Other options are with cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin and Ethereum are the available choices at this time. Contact us directly for these two donation options. Contact us via