The Solution – Part 7


Examples of Constitutional Inclusions

A Constitution is a limitation on the government, not on private individuals—that it does not prescribe the conduct of private individuals, only the conduct of the government—that it is not a charter for government power, but a contract of the peoples’ protection against the government.

1) No Corporatocracy or Corporate Personhood, all corporate charters must have limitations, i.e. time.

2) Penalties clearly written for not following the Constitution.

3) Clearly written jurisdictions of Law in separate paragraphs with separate courts for adjudication.

4) No Taxation of any kind.

5) No professional lobbying of any kind.

6) Term limits for Politicians, spending limits for running for office, No political parties, no one can donate to a politician who is or has run for office, spending caps on what a politician can spend to run for office, as a public servant the politician will receive only a token salary for his 2 weeks of work twice a year, if a politician lies to his constituents to get elected he/she is immediately remove from office.

7) All markets are free markets including money. No monopolies.

8) No laws can be written to limit what you can and cannot do with your body, it’s yours and yours alone.

9) The people may hold referendums and recalls as they see fit.

10) No Citizenship, only nationals, as we the people are the sovereigns.

11) Only ____________ Born ______ generation men or women can vote in elections, hold government jobs or run for political office.

12) Immigrants must be educated and be fluent in English and the laws of _________ before they are allowed to immigrate to __________.

13) Free Speech. PERIOD, no “Hate Crimes” or “Hate Speech” laws or “social justice warriors” or Cultural Marxism permitted it will be considered a crime and dealt with in courts of law.

14) Government is constituted to protect the individual’s unalienable rights and will do so at all times.

15) All charities must be based within the country, no foreign charities or Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) or money for local charities from foreign sources.

16) Any and all Amendments to the constitution must have ___% carry by the people not their political representatives.

17) All men/women are equal under the law.

18) Right to own guns and other weapons freely and unhindered by Government interference, no permits, no background checks, only one statute, if you are a first time gun owner, you must take a privately run course on gun usage and safety.

Purpose of a government is the protection of individual rights; the source of the government’s authority is “the consent of the governed”, the government as such has no rights except the rights delegated to it by the people for a specific purpose.

 19) Cultural Marxism/Political Correctness is NOT free speech, it is manipulative speech/brainwashing and is illegal and unlawful.

20) Communism, Collectivism, Marxism, Liberalism, Socialism are unlawful and illegal, these “isms” infringe upon the unalienable rights of the individual and anyone who would infringe upon those rights.

 21) If you are a civil servant, government employee or politician, you cannot vote in any elections while employed or in service to the People.

22) All land in __________ will be held by men/women in allodium under land patents. 

23) As a politician, under full disclosure, if you or any immediate family member, aid or advisor belongs to a private club (i.e. Bilderberg), think tank (i.e. Rand), BAR association, cartel (i.e. CFR, Chatham House) or closed door discussion group, you and they are permanently disqualified from entering any election as a candidate or to vote in any election. 

24) Government as a whole, anyone elected or working for the government as a direct employee or under contract, engages in lying or deploying misinformation or lying by omission, shall be held to account in a court of competent jurisdiction.

25) No membership in the WTO, UN, UNIDROIT, IMF, WB, BIS, UNESCO, etc., etc. as all of the entities infringe upon the unalienable rights of men and women.

26) Treaties, agreements between governments, etc. must be ratified by the people with a majority of ____% to become law within the boarders; they must conform to the constitution to be considered by the people.

27) Proven fake scientific claims or consensus science is a fraud and will be dealt with that way.

28) Fractional reserve banking, usury, fiat currency is illegal and unlawful as it infringes upon the unalienable rights of the people.

29) Talmudic law, Noahide Law (Noahide Centres), Sharia Law, Ecclesiastical Law are religious based and due to the separation of “Church” and “State” shall not be considered.

30) No BAR associations, Law Societies, Legal Societies or any “club” or group with private membership that is detrimental to our society it is illegal and unlawful.

31) Usufruct law to be followed, as defined for corporate use of land, will leave the land improved or the same. Penalties for destruction. (In law, the right of enjoying all the advantages derivable from the use of something which belongs to another so far as is compatible with the substance of the thing not being destroyed or injured.)

32) Anybody or group arguing in favor of eugenics or de-population, We the People believe it should be tried on those arguing in favor, first.

33) Term limit of 2×4 years for all judges in the lower courts and 2×5 years for the supreme or appellate courts, after which they can go back to their private lives. All court judges shall be elected by the people.

34) People of the country of ________ will be the sovereigns others from other lands holding paperwork from those lands as citizens will be excluded here in all aspects of governance. (No Dual citizenship, if you opt for citizenship)

35) Common Law is law of the land, and will be the jurisdiction here.

36) Government employees, civil servants, judges, lawyers (prosecutors), politicians while holding employment with the government cannot hold a director’s position on any corporation, be a trustee on a public trust or hold citizenship of a foreign country.

37) No law can be created by a Judge (law from the bench), all laws must be created by the will of the people only.

38) NO central banks or banking, commercial banks can only lend money they have on deposit.

39)  Corporations are NOT men or women in law and have NO rights, only privileges granted to them from their creator, We the people.

40) Marriage is NOT the State’s business; people can marry whomever they want, provided it is between consenting adults. 

41) Child rearing is the parents’ job, NOT the State’s; private child advocacy groups will oversee child welfare, NOT the State.

42) If a supreme court is created, only judges that have been elected into the lower courts can run for a seat on the Supreme Court for a maximum of 2 x 5 year terms

43) The state can only represent men or women, male or female homo sapiens if they were victims in crimes committed, the state cannot prosecute victimless crimes as they do not exist. They can prosecute crimes against the state, i.e. the people where the people are the victims.

44) All judges and state prosecutors must adhere to the written law of the land and if they exceed the law can and will be penalized under that law.

45) A treasury is constituted here within the constitution for the people and will be operated by the people elected, not appointed, to do so.

46) No GMO, No global agrochemical conglomerates i. e. Bayer/Monsanto or any other pesticide/herbicide companies’ offerings.  List to follow.

47) No “Forever Chemicals” allowed into our country. List to follow.

48) No 5G cellular towers or 5G Wi-Fi or “the internet of things” or digital central bank fiat currencies.

49) No untested vaccines. No RNA vaccines or nano tech. Vaccines must have no adulterates, list to follow.

50) Heritage Trusts or Generational Trusts can be created for education, medical care, health care, infrastructure, etc.

51) The right to self defense.

52) The right to privacy.

53) Voting is a right of the will of the people to elect their representative, not a right of the elected.

54) Transitional clauses from de facto government to de jure government.

55) Land for the de jure government.

56) Provisions for amending the constitution.